That one thing that I don't do.
I met my wife at a Star Trek convention. She was study abroad from France and spoke little English, and I didn’t know a lick of French. So, for the first few months of our relationship, we communicated by speaking Klingon.

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Okay I’m not even a Star Trek fan but that’s beautiful.

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Apple a day keeps bill gates away 🍏👊👴


Apple a day keeps bill gates away 🍏👊👴


like im supposed to believe piper DAUGHTER OF APHRODITE mclean didnt see that one coming from a mile away. 

it must run in the family. 

tell us your most embarrassing story



So a while back i was at this party and i was the first girl to arrive and there were like 20 guys already there, we were all siting around, having a beer and whatnot when the dj arrived. So all the guys went out the front of the house to help set up the dj gear and it was just me sitting there alone in the backyard for like 5 minuets. I stood up to go follow them bc i was getting really bored when i realized something, my period had gone through my white pants and stained the while chair, i was humiliated, i had no idea what to do, i could hear the guys were coming back and i had to do something quick, time was running out. So i grabbed the chair, ran like 10 meters and threw it over the fence into the neighboring yard, i quickly walked back and tied my jacket around my waist. The guys soon returned and didn’t suspect a thing, i am amazing.







I spent years thinking narwhals were completely fictional.

I spent years thinking narwhals were completely fictional.

*raises hand*

whispers "Me too…"

When i was little, my uncle Robbie colored every picture I ever saw of a Narwhal with a rainbow-colored horn and told me they were called Rainbow Narwhals. I didn’t find out they weren’t rainbow colored until i was a lot older it made me sad


People criticizing TFIOS because Gus sounds pretentious???

that was the point???

like literally at his fake funeral his best friend talks about how fucking pretentious he is and how annoying it was???

It was one of his character flaws? He was deliberately written that way?

You’re not being clever or critical by pointing it out, you are literally stating a fact about the novel that the author deliberately wrote


If you’re easily replaceable, clap your hands





mini me

It’s me but mini.

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okay but the black and white cat and kitten are glaring the same way. 


So if we have to show women what the baby looks like in their womb and tell them how the process works before allowing them to get an abortion, does that mean we should teach our soldiers about the culture of the lands we’re invading, and explain to them that the people we want them to kill have families and feel pain, just like Americans?

I've been seeing a lot of people talk about Gus sounding really pretentious in the movie, do you think he sounds pretentious?


I mean, that scene is word-for-word from the book, so don’t blame the movie! :) Yes, Gus is super pretentious at the start of the story. it’s a character flaw.

Gus wants to have a big and important and remembered life, and so he acts like he imagines people who have such lives act. So he’s, like, says-soliloquy-when-he-means-monologue pretentious, which is the most pretentious variety of pretension in all the world.

And then his performative, over-the-top, hyper-self-aware pretentiousness must fall away for him to really connect to Hazel, just as her fear of being a grenade must fall away. That’s what the novel is about. That is its plot.

Gus must make the opposite of the traditional heroic journey—he must start out strong and end up weak in order to reimagine what constitutes a rich and well-lived life.

Basically, a 20-second clip from the first five minutes of a movie is not the movie.

(Standard acknowledgement here that I might be wrong, that I am inevitably defensive of TFIOS, that it has many flaws, that there’s nothing wrong with critical discussion, and that a strong case could be made that I should not insert myself into these conversations at all.)


Kagome’s doorknob is so frilly LOL



What men don’t understand is that women are FIERCELY PROTECTIVE of underage girls because we remember when we were young and some adult man made us uncomfortable or manipulated us or was inappropriate with us and we were powerless.





boy, are u dutch because amsterdamn

This makes no sense. Amsterdam is in Germany.

I’m in Amsterdam right now and lemme fuckin tell u it is not in germany



This is a Forever 21 bikini in a size 3X.  I bought it as a back up and since the one I originally wanted fit just fine, I am offering up this one.  Here are links to the top and bottom on the F21 site so you can get more details about it.  This bikini is brand new never worn (except to try it on), it just came in the mail today and still has the tags attached.  

If you aren’t sure if you will fit:  I wear a size 24, my bra size is 46DD, and it fit me fine because it has some stretch to it.  I would say it could easily fit someone 22-24.  If you are unsure and have a F21 close to you that carries plus sizes (that means you are very luck btw) then go try one on if it will help you decide :)

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